Friday, February 6, 2009

window of the day

what window do you look out of? into? does your gaze sweep over snow-covered fields? gardens? maybe you can peer into a neighbor's apartment. watch a mother playing with her child or well-suited workers conferring over coffeee and documents. windows have always framed my best memories and most cherished places: the duomo outside my hotel window in florence during my honeymoon. a bird's-eye view of yellow taxis making their way into the heart of manhattan. my sons, running in our yard. their gales of laughter rise up to my office, calling me to get up from my desk, look out, and join them.


  1. I have a view of the apartments across the street. Not too exciting, but they have pretty blooming trees in the Spring.

  2. I see an elderly couple; she is always dressed to the 9's with perfectly 'done' blonde hair and gold bracelets corresponding at her desk by the window in the nicely lit living room. I only see him when he's propped up in a wheelchair in the over-lit bedroom when the black caretaker man comes for therapy...