Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what causes are important to you?

wow! my friend connie sent an e-mail to a group of her friends about a good Samaritan who bought a soldier lunch, and that led to a spirited exchange (!) about opinions and what things matter to people. the debate with connie & co. makes me wonder what things matter enough to motivate people to actually do something - write a letter, volunteer, make a donation, take a stand -- instead of just talking (or e-mailing) about a particular cause.

as for me? i'm most passionate about providing a good education and safe, loving lives for all of our children and speaking out against violence, in all its forms (domestic, government-sanctioned war, terrorism). what do i do about it? on a personal level, i try to create the peace and opportunity i want for all kids by creating a safe, loving home where my children and their friends are encouraged to be curious and are loved for who they are. on a global, political level i admit i could do far more. but peace and education do get me to write occasional letters to washington. i also support two groups in particular that are devoted to issues that matter to me: save the children and doctors without borders.
what matters to you?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

world's uglist birthday cake

who knew you could buy birthday candles shaped like army tanks?

my son wanted an army-themed birthday, so i made what is hands-down the world's ugliest cake (photos coming). it was pure military-industrial complex on a plate, with soldiers hiding from little diorama trees, guns pointing. never mind that i've spent months practicing making lovely fondant cakes in pleasing colors. never mind that i've taught my children that we pray for peace, pet animals, vote democrat, and "feel the love." the gun thing is encoded on little boys' dna. army is what he wanted. so i made the cake. as i mixed up green and brown camouflage icing, i couldn't help wondering about the pet-me-pony cakes a six-year-old girl might ask for on her birthday. or the dessert cart brimming with miniature pastel-colored cakes at the plaza, where my father used to take me for tea as a special treat when i was a child. in any case, happy birthday, william! you are six, and you are my world. i love you.