Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the tooth fairy! (and other rites of passage)

my oldest son lost his first tooth last night! realize this isn't big news to those of you without kids, or those of you who've been through this with your own, but i am blown away. yes, i knew the tooth was coming out. it's been wiggling and twisting in his mouth like a kid on a church pew for days now. but it seems like just yesterday that his first tooth was growing in. anyway, he carefully left the tooth in a "tooth fairy bag" (photo coming soon) that my mom made for him, with a note: "dear tooth fairy, can i keep my first tooth? love, william" and it worked! good old t.f. left the tooth, a morgan dollar, and a note to keep brushing.

another milestone reminding me how fast life is, how we must cherish every day, and mark special milestones with rites of passage, which seem all-too-few in our culture. (maybe it's time to start a few new ones in our family?) but most of all, william's lost tooth reminded me of how good it feels to believe in the possibility of the tooth fairy. and dreams.

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  1. Leslie, it's Andrew, your long lost step brother....I would love to hear from you at wacx65@hotmail.com

    Does the tooth faerie observe cost of living increases? If so, it's what, $50 a tooth these days? Looking forward to hearing from you, Andrew