Wednesday, May 20, 2009


haven't written in a while but have been to paris for four, way-too-short days. i'm greedy. it wasn't enough, and i'm yearning for the beauty of paris and the possibility that travel brings, no matter where it that is our wanderings take us. i left my husband and kids at home for this trip, and though it's ugly to admit, i missed my children but not being a mom or a wife or an employee or all the other quotidian roles i play at home. so here's the stickler: how do we retain our dreams as part of our daily lives instead of living them out and squeezing them into four-day trips? and how am i ever going to learn to make vinagrette and coffee that tastes as divine as the salads and cafe cremes in paris?
on the bright side: found the PERFECT chandelier at the flea market. photos coming soon!

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