Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Feeling sexy? Not so much.

So, yes. I filed for divorce. And no, I don't want Former Husband (FH) back, but I'll own up to it: I'm hurting. And sulking. And trying to stop. Unsuccessfully.

And no, it's not attractive.

FH is having a glorious time with 21-year-old Former Babysitter (FB), who is just one of the many reasons I filed. (I'm a bit French about indiscretion but after a handful of flings, it's ridiculous.) He's wasted no time informing me of his dates, his nights away, his art gallery- opening soirees. And I am home with my gorgeous sons reading them Harry Potter, making dinner, doing laundry, packing tomorrow's lunches . . . being a working single mom. Who yes, happens to be old enough to be FB's mother and it boils down to this:

How do you get back in the groove as a woman?

Especially with Prince Charming's instant messages (I mean, do I need the blow-by-blow date commentary?) I know, I know. It's fresh. Time heals. There's a world of I-don't-know-what out there. But I'm skeptical. And really, all I really want to do is dance. Dance and laugh and flirt. Just for a night, so I can remember what it's like to feel like a woman.

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