Friday, August 28, 2009

garter belts

cheesy, soft-porn shot aside, i've been wondering about garter belts lately. when i was in paris, my tres chic friend whose been living there told me about the little shop where she buys lingerie and pretty underthings, which are, of course, a MUST in france. garters, too, apparently. i agree that stockings are awful, oppressive. just consider the language: crotch control/control top. who thinks of that? phyllis schlafly? but garters? liberation, mesdames! then the other day, i saw these in the shop window at vicki's secret. (somehow not quite as nice, or as liberating, as the ones in paris.) neverthless, i'm hooked. have spent two days channeling my inner french woman -- elegant, mature, worldly, sizzing hot, not tarty -- so i'm mentally ready to actually buy some. am i nuts? do you ladies wear them? i mean really wear them, in the daytime, under suits, not just at night when you're showing off for someone special. and if so: how to pull off smoldering chic, not trashy? would toting around dog-earned copies of colette and sartre help? if any french women are out there, spill the beans. i gotta know.

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  1. I'm thinking a trench coat, some stilettos, one of those little beauties and the hubs would be one lucky fellow. Ah ha