Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what causes are important to you?

wow! my friend connie sent an e-mail to a group of her friends about a good Samaritan who bought a soldier lunch, and that led to a spirited exchange (!) about opinions and what things matter to people. the debate with connie & co. makes me wonder what things matter enough to motivate people to actually do something - write a letter, volunteer, make a donation, take a stand -- instead of just talking (or e-mailing) about a particular cause.

as for me? i'm most passionate about providing a good education and safe, loving lives for all of our children and speaking out against violence, in all its forms (domestic, government-sanctioned war, terrorism). what do i do about it? on a personal level, i try to create the peace and opportunity i want for all kids by creating a safe, loving home where my children and their friends are encouraged to be curious and are loved for who they are. on a global, political level i admit i could do far more. but peace and education do get me to write occasional letters to washington. i also support two groups in particular that are devoted to issues that matter to me: save the children and doctors without borders.
what matters to you?

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